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To meet the market expansion and enhance customer care quality, HT FOODS continues to upgrade its Distributor Network system and recruit Sales Agents nationwide.

HT FOODS VIETNAM CO., LTD specializes in manufacturing and supplying premium Quang Ninh dried squid products, renowned for promoting the delicious and nutritious specialties of Quang Ninh to a wide range of consumers both domestically and internationally.


Only one publicly disclosed price for all products, ensuring fair and healthy competition for all distributors.

Providing complete product information and serving the convenience of sales for distributors, such as food safety licenses, product declarations, product testing certificates, or relevant documents, storage instructions, expiration dates, packaging forms, etc.

Marketing and communication support: providing product images, product videos, instructional cooking videos, etc.

Supporting product knowledge training, processing, and sales skills for distributor staff.

Supporting product exchanges when nearing expiration within one month.

Supporting Facebook advertising campaigns in the first month. Subsequently, advertising will be conducted jointly with distributors on public media and the distributor’s website.

Supporting shipping fees to the distributor’s doorstep.

Recruiting Distributors

General policies on distributor development:

Collaboration based on mutual benefits.

Establishing long-term partnership relationships based on cooperation commitments and shared goals for business and the development of the frozen food industry.

Regularly sharing business information, products, and providing timely support for business and development.

Fair and reasonable support policies across the entire distribution channel.

Requirements to become a Distributor

The requirements to become a Distributor are extremely simple. You just need to ensure the following factors:

  1. Passion for wealth creation and a liking for business and sales.
  2. Have a clear understanding and pride in the uniqueness and reputation of the quality of the product you are selling.
  3. Have a valid identification document and a residential address. Provide one individual photo and one photo with both types of documents.
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