😍 Fresh and firm “little” shrimps that have gone through the process of sun-drying are now in our hands as dried shrimps. But don’t mistakenly think that dried shrimps can’t be used in delicious dishes. Let’s take a look at some tasty dishes made with dried shrimps from HT Foods!

✨ Mango salad with dried shrimp

Crispy and tangy green mango strands combined with sweet and meaty dried shrimps, complemented by a savory and slightly sweet sauce. It’s a perfect combination that can be described as “exquisite and delicious” whenever we mention this mango salad!

✨ Dried shrimp soup

Don’t rush to think that the flavor of soup can only be achieved with pork bones or chicken meat! If you cook it with dried shrimps, it can be just as impressive! You can freely combine dried shrimps with water spinach, bitter melon, or any other ingredients. Interestingly, no matter which soup you make, they will all be aromatic and irresistible.

✨ Dried shrimp with pickled mustard greens

After soaking the pickled mustard greens until they become crispy, arrange them with dried shrimps and pickled eggs, adding some soaking liquid from the pickled mustard greens and chili sauce. You will be immediately captivated by the amazing taste! Dried shrimp with pickled mustard greens is a great appetizer dish that goes perfectly with braised meat or simply as a snack for all of you.



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